My Vision

Recently I've been attending a course about growing your business. It’s been a great learning experience for me personally and has given me some great ideas for my business.

One of our tasks was to create a visual collage to depict our 3 year vision of our business and below is mine.

My Vision

It represents a journey from the top to the bottom. At the top my clients may be stressed, climbing the walls, jeopardising their health, or simply be fed up or overwhelmed. To those potential clients I want to say that I’m open for business and I can help make change happen.

Whether you need more time to discover new possibilities within your business or you simply want to recognise your own vision which has become lost along the way then that is where my business can help. Sometimes it isn’t always about business it’s about freeing up that time to pursue new hobbies or pursuits or see new places. Hobbies are your sanity, keeping you grounded. Whichever it is, it’s about shaping up and taking action and using my business skills to realise new potential without the burden of admin weighing you down, navigating events that you don’t have time to arrange or simply plugging the gaps left by staff on sick leave or holiday.

I believe in offering value for money and I always ask clients to reflect on how much time their emails take them, how much time their admin tasks take away from the day? Then I ask them to multiply those hours by their hourly rate and I can guarantee that outsourcing to me will save them money. Not only will they save on an hourly rate basis but the freedom of outsourcing to a freelance PA means that they can go out and seek new business or reacquaint themselves with existing clientèle.

The same applies to lifestyle management; the time clients win back to spend with their families is beyond monetary value. Or simply the stress of having something hanging over you, can all be handed over to a freelance PA/VA. Be it booking in that car for its long overdue service or planning that holiday you all deserve.

So whether it’s simply that you want more time to wind down, put your feet up, spend more time with families, get more business to buy yourself that flash car or pursue that dream you’ve always wanted, a happy ever after is possible.

So my vision is to educate people on how working with me can achieve so much. I want to be the expert person to help them and I believe passionately that I can make a difference to both professional and personal lives. Sometimes on the steps to success you need a little support along the way and that’s where I can come in. By helping others achieve their vision and travel with them on their journey whether it is for the long term or the short term, I realise my own potential and my vision.

Ironically the feedback from my colleagues on the course said that my collage in itself was an advertisement of my services, highly organised and everything in its place!

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