Honesty           Loyalty       Respect

Vision and values are what make a company stand out from the crowd.

Well these are the three core values that I will do my utmost to live by, adhere to and I hope to experience the same in return.


Honesty is vital to any introduction, negotiation and business relationship.  I will always let my clients know what I believe is the best solution to their problem even if it means referring them onto one of my trusted associates. That’s how far my honesty will go, I will refer work on if I think the client would benefit from a different approach or service. It doesn’t benefit me financially however it means that my company is remaining true to one of its core founding beliefs. It’s a moral compass without which my company would be lost. It also mean that, likewise, if I think a service is not the right fit for my company then I will say so. I won’t lead them up the garden path and I won’t deliberately avoid awkward conversations just so as not to say no to the person involved. I recognise that whilst being told no is a negative unfortunate experience, I know it allows me to stop pursuing that line of enquiry and concentrate my efforts elsewhere. I expect others to tell me the same.


If a client chooses to have a long term partnership with VAVelocity, I will reward that act of faith in my company and they will receive a preferential rate. It also means that that client will get priority as they will have invested the money in my services to further their own. It’s like putting a down payment on a car, it’s saying that’s what I want and I’m prepared to pay in advance for what it will offer me. Loyalty also works with my trusted service providers. It’s important as a company to build a circle of trusted partners that you know you can rely on. Sometimes the new ways or services aren’t always the best but it’s the ones you know will work that you will remain loyal to.


This ties in very much with my other core values. It’s about valuing every human being, be it within a business or on a personal level. That whatever they may decide it’s their choice and you have to respect their professional opinion as much as I expect mine to be respected. With clients I never force a solution upon them. I offer the solution, the best way to achieve what it is they need to achieve and then it’s down to them to either accept it or find an alternative that suits them better. It’s also respecting that you have to treat people like human beings with feelings, that you don’t ignore them, belittle them or suggest their services are inferior.

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