New Year, New Start?

So it’s the end of January already and you’ll either have battled your way through and made it out the other side or you’ll be drowning in your self-assessment wondering where the time went.

January is always about new starts, new possibilities. It may be a dark grey and even snowy month but it’s a new year, one full of possibilities. Did you set goals or was this the year that you threw the rule book out of the window and promised you’d do it differently. Sometimes it is all about the journey but it’s also all about the planning as well.

Have you ever sat down and thought, “What is it that I can do and what is it that I can’t do?”

Your answers may surprise you, especially the things that you think that you can’t do well.

Well that’s the areas where you should be seeking help.

I quite often say to clients that they should work out how long they spend on the things they’re not good at, things that keep them from playing to their strengths.

Now how much you would charge one of your clients for the time you spend on those things and offset that against the cost of hiring a Freelance PA – you will soon see the value that we can deliver.

Not only will you save time but you’ll also be able to gain new business, spend time on delivering for your clients and go to new meetings whilst I’m carrying out all the things you can’t do. It’s a win-win situation.

So the next time that you think taking on a Freelance PA is too expensive, try my exercise above and then give me a call to talk about the value I can deliver.

As for the last weekend in January, go plan your next holiday in the sun, don’t have time for that? – I can help with that too!

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