It’s the little things

I was rather touched to receive a lovely email this morning thanking me for a card. The recipient was touched that I should have remembered them and written such kind words at what was a difficult time for them.

This had me thinking how many of us actually take the time to say things to each other. How many of us take the time to write a letter, send a message through the wonders of social media or simply send a note to say thank you?

All too often people get forgotten about in our everyday busy lives and whilst most people will admit to sending a condolence message if someone dies, there aren’t many that will remember them once the initial grief is over. There aren't many people who knowing someone is ill, will go back a year later and ask how you are doing, how things are now, recognising that things may still be difficult or things haven’t improved.

It’s the same with business. Only the other day I was talking to some business colleagues about networking. There are numerous misconceptions about networking and I am glad that this is one area that is being addressed.

How many of us once we have been to a networking meeting send an email, or a message to say it was lovely to meet you and great to talk about such and such. I personally try my very best to make a message like that personal. At one networking meeting I found myself and another business had a common love of North Yorkshire. It might seem silly but it’s these little things that once I’m out from a networking meeting or event I try and write these things down, either in my notebook or on the back of their business card. Unless specifically asked for I never “sell” in these messages. It’s not about that. It’s about appreciating the time they’ve spent with you. It’s showing an interest in what they do without feeling the need to launch into your sales pitch. Most of all by personalising the message it’s shown that you’ve listened to them and that’s the key of many a business relationship.

Everyone feels the need to be appreciated, to be loved, to be recognised and to be remembered. Am I so old fashioned that we can’t spare some time, personally or in our business to say the little things in life that matter?

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