A brand new website!

After a year of planning, budgeting and hard work my website idea has slowly come to fruition. Some would say that a website is a necessity and should be the first form of marketing you should consider but for too many it’s an expense they can’t afford.

I’ve been through the pitfalls of trying to do a website myself, finding the right designer etc and then finding out all isn’t going to plan and you have to find someone else.

Recommendations are great but look at the portfolios and speak to your designer. If they understand you and what you want then you’re onto a winner. Sometimes you won’t click and personalities will clash, don’t waste your time find someone else. When looking at the portfolio also ask yourself what clientele are you trying to attract?-what is easy to navigate and gets them to your information fast in the most aesthetically pleasing way.

I’m very happy with my new website; it’s a very welcome addition to my other forms of marketing such as social media and information packs. This website will enhance each and every one of them and be a useful tool to have.

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